Comment: "Liberty is liberating yourself from the United States..."

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"Liberty is liberating yourself from the United States..."

tsa - When I need to fly, not for vacation, but to visit ailing relatives, work a job. I am sick of being felt up. I AM A PROUD AMERICAN.

hr347 - When I have something to redress, speak out against opposition. Speaking to an empty field 10 miles away DOES NOT CUT IT.

drones - I WANT MY FRN's BACK, so as not to contribute to a corrupt administration/mic which murders innocents around the globe!

13575, A21 - I DEMAND property rights. I am sick and tired of class action when NOBODY wants to participate.




Go tell your gop that if I don't find resolve to the above and ASAP, I mean NOW, I will NEVER support their candidate(s). If by you signing a pledge or you feel the need to compromise and don't wish to hurt their precious feelings, GIVE THEM MY NUMBER. I will be HAPPY to oblige.

Work in my area is in progress to little avail. It is 'compromising' gop across this nation that has screwed up this Republic.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul