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I sympathize with this reply greatly

Many in the military "don't" have a "choice", but yet many do and are gun ho about it and have willingly wanted to go back for multiple tours.

Aside from that, as hard as it is to grasp, we always have a choice - as difficult as it may be. Regardless of if it's as simple as, "On my way to work, do I make a left or go straight today, do I have pizza or tacos", OR as difficult as having to make the choice of pulling the trigger to take the life of another human being because you are just following orders. I am NOT talking about self-defense here Grange. That sniper had the choice to "miss" his targets. He chose not to. If that meant not killing someone in order to save some of his brothers in uniform - well all I can say is that it's a very hard choice, but still ultimately a choice nonetheless. Did God put you in that position? Whose word/order will you follow? I am not judging here Grange, for if I were in that position myself, I certainly would have seen it as saving my bothers as well and sinned - simply trying to make a point.

Anyone who is "forced" into the military, be it by a means as a way out of poverty or as ordered to as in many third world countries, - also has the choice of working in other areas outside of battle. Simply being a bad shot and physically weak soldier during basic training may get you an "unfit for combat duty". These soldiers can work in admin, kitchen, garage, the air-station, the submarine, etc., and not necessarily have to "see" combat firsthand. Where there is a will there is a way.

Becoming a bum, drug dealer, prostitute is simply another choice - as for the drug dealer - may I add, a lucrative one. I don't want to get in to the whole immigration argument here, but they can also temporarily accept lower paying jobs that many undocumented immigrants are exploited by. I really don't see that ANY WORSE than prostitution or being a bum. After all, you are still sticking to your principles and obeying God above all else, right? Also, prostitution is more widely accepted as a way of life and earning income in other countries. I believe the taking of someone else's life isn't.

Lastly, I believe Dr. Paul was specifically referring to Chris Kyle and not every soldier in general - I could be wrong. But if I'm not, it could be as simple as that Chris Kyle's life was ended exactly in the same way that he ended other people's lives - unexpectedly.

There is always a choice Grange - sometimes you just don't see it, or look for it in the right places. Heck, sometimes you just DON'T want the alternative. As difficult as some of those choices may seem at the time, there are choices, even if temporary until a better one comes along.

Listen to what he says at the 1:05 mark: