Comment: "When people talk about extremists, they're talking about you"

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"When people talk about extremists, they're talking about you"

and proud of it.. Your kind words move me to tears.

"I support Auditing the fed, I support bringing troops home and securing the border. I support legalizing all drugs, gambling, prostitution and pornogrophy. I believe in a voucher schools system, I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in Libertarian principles."

Then pick someone who espouses those same things and isn't afraid to say it... I gotta say though.. it just sounds like words to me coming from you.
"If you won't vote for Rand Paul, then you'll probably never vote for anyone ever again."

Sure I will.. I've said 100's of times if it was once that I'd support Judge Nap, Tom Woods and even a Libertarian that I felt was trustworthy and stood for what I believed in.

"Rand Paul is the best you've got and you should try to understand that Rand must appeal to a broad base."

We didn't even make it to another thread before you spit that out lol... Should I show you where I predicted you say almost those exact words?--->(Rand Paul is the best you've got) :) Nah dude.. I can do better..The Liberty movement can do better and will.

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