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Very Good Question!

The way I am reading this: "Also, I've been spending most of my time this week writing thank you cards to donors to the fundraiser that looks unlikely to fill. And looking for a new job."

and this:
"I don’t know what the future holds, for the Daily Paul, for myself, or the three patriots that help me keep the site going. Even if the fundraiser were to fill, it would only buy six more months of time at most. Since it seems unlikely to be filled, it just means less time. What does it mean? It means it is time for a change. And if these are the last few months of the Daily Paul, it brings on a sense of adventure and excitement. For there is nothing like the presence of death to bring on a clarity of focus on the present. And there is nothing like necessity to birth invention. "

and this:
“I loathe asking for money, but it has become critical.
Only shortly after the site became fun again (it wasn't much fun for me during the election season), things have started to break down. Ghosts are haunting the machine. People are having problems voting on posts and comments, and returning comments to certain users. The errors are random and hard to reproduce. Yesterday we were hit again with an erroneous malware alert from Google that suspended traffic and caused ad revenue to plummet. Big Mike said it's like the site has leprosy - everything is falling apart!
Like a car or a house, the website needs maintenance and repair, and I'm asking for your help to do that. "
Those are 3 comments that I have run across. I don't know if there are more, but to me they are saying support is needed to keep the site maintained and online. I don’t want the DP to go away so I was wondering if we, by putting our heads together, could come up with a way to keep the DP funded. It seems a lot of people are on hard times right now, so people may have their budgets maxed already, so I was hoping to figure a way to generate more funds outside of subscriptions and donations. Of course, I didn’t ask permission, I just put the post up. I know it may not be my business to do so, but the DP is that important to me.