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The only suggestion that I can offer is for you to select your words more wisely. MUCH MORE WISELY.

NEVER accomodate gop by down talking one of us, such as down playing Justin Amash. When they speak against us, that is when we are most effective.

NEVER settle for second best. If you like and want to support Rand, then by all means. But I would suggest that you first wait untill ALL records are on the table. Promoting him just because mainstream does does nothing for us if/when we may have somebody better. They will distract you until the end.

Ron Paul had numbers far higher than romney ever did in 2010, in fact only 1% less than obama. mainstream was skillful and altered that course.

It is good to discuss and to learn. But this movement can not afford rash decisions such as propping a candidate whose record is not even par.

You are not really on my crap list. But you did infuriate me. Please be careful not to do it again. In other words, think before you type :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul