Comment: What has America come to,

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What has America come to,

What has America come to, when a man bragging about killing 160 human beings is glorified as an American hero? I am not trying to comment or judge Chris Kyle, I am judging us as a nation.

There are many veterans I know who would prefer not talking about how many "kills" they have, they view it as an necessary evil. Kyle viewed it as a pastime...a game...and we praised him for it.

I am not a bleeding heart "no war is just" liberal, but I do lend credence to Ghandi when he said, " I am prepared to die, but there there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill."

Chris Kyle is only the face of the problem that we all endorse. He is a victim as much as he is an antagonist. I don't want a military where soldiers kill on command without questioning authority. Ask Germany, Italy Russia and China how that worked out.

I can understand mourning the death of Chris Kyle, for he is an American who tragically fell victim to our society's propensity for killing; but please, let's not celebrate his life.