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Nightly Update

Looks like I'm going to have to keep updating the ticker manually. The PayPal feed is not working properly.

Ok, so, since the last update this afternoon, $458 has come in through the PayPal. Updated totals are:

Updated totals:

bitcoin - 1040 (roughly - though the exchange rate fluctuates pretty wildly)
paypal - 10,998
mail - 2,025

Total: 14,063, or 70% of our goal.

Can we make it? I'm also sending out another big stack of thank you cards, maybe 150 or so. So if you made a donation in the last few days, keep your eye on the mail.

I always loved getting stuff in the mail when I was young. Now the only thing I get in the mail is bills. LOL. I just hope that when you open that mailbox and see that postcard, with that picture I took of the Lexington Minuteman... I don't know what I hope. I just hope it gives you a little piece of sunshine in your day. Let's you know that you are important. Because you are.

And not really for me. If the Daily Paul perishes, I'll find something else to do. I can drive a cab, a delivery truck... I can bag groceries. I got my real estate licence last year. I can do something. I'm not afraid of hard work.

What you're really doing is paying it forward. By keeping this site on the air, you keep this knowlegde available for who knows who will stumble upon it some day. The Daily Paul has a wide reach. A . W I D E reach. We're in the top 3,000 of US websites.

We. Us. I can't do it without you. I hope you all know that.

Peace and thank you.

Keeper of the resource needs your help keeping the resource. It is my pleasure and my honor, even though sometimes it is a pain in my ass.

Ha ha ha!

Good night. Next update comes tomorrow after I visit the Post Office.

He's the man.