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Great post

I hope everyone read the full piece at Mr. Grigg's blog. I do take issue with the title though. I think it is misguided to comment on the man's courage. I see no evidence that Mr Kyle lacked courage. I don't think you become that level of operative without possessing a significant measure of real courage.

Besides that the piece is spot on and extremely important. This should be required reading for all that clamor for a war with our federal government, believing that the military and police will come to the side of liberty and resist tyranny with the American patriots. I used to naively imagine this would be the case also. Then I heard about what happened in New Orleans with Katrina. Then I thought more about the caliber of the average American citizen, that put George Bush and Barack Obama in power (twice each!) and I realized that our military and police are just a cross section of that American citizenry. Then I read the words of men like Chris Kyle, and I realize just how depraved this society is. How brainwashed. How psychotic. How perverse. Chris Kyle presents himself as the poster child for tyranny enforcement. These are the men that will delightedly turn their advanced skills and weapons on American patriots. And after they have killed all they could, they will only regret they couldn't kill more. These are the men that America produces.