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Cult of Raimondo

the poster bear made a post about helping DP meet it's funding goal.

Maybe you would like to buy some old stickers?

Back in 94, I recall some great Libertarians who worked very hard on writing and promoting CA Proposition 215: Medical Marijauna. It failed, but they didn't stop, and in 96, it passed 56%.

Those Libertarians, many of them, were arrested and did 10 year madetory minumums. They never got any credit for their work.

Kubby ran to Canada, returned, joined my Ron Paul meet up in 07. Herer died in 08..

So for me, when I see good hard working people, get set up, knocked down, and no help from their own party.. I'm done.

Raimondo could have done a lot more for Ron Paul. He didn't. That's his choice and I'm done with him as well.

I don't wish anything bad on him.. just really not interested in what he has to say and don't want to be associated with him.

I'm done with a party that works so hard to keep itself marginalized and doesn't promote from within, but keep the same old white dudes nominating Republicans for president as good Libertarians get shelved, left behind, forgotten and killed.

Thank you for the kind post.