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if one caught cheating they should not get
to go with nothing said,the get confronted
and it dealt with,a cheater always cheats
and liars always lie,this is why the RNC does not want us around
plus,they like things the way are now,this way they can still lie cheat and steal and get away with it
they can even change the voting times,and not tell all the delegates
oops too late,they done did that already
romney should have had charges brought upon him for trying to buy
votes,as well as bachman,but as we saw,nothing at all came from it
because it is all a crooked mess with the ones in charge a big part of
what is wrong with the elections and our country
liars do not like truth spoken to them,as it isn't in them
they live in the darkness and in the shadows,and they like it that way
our country will never see the light of day as long as these people are in charge
and letting them go to cheat another day,just makes them stronger and gives them more tricks to use against us in the future
and they will,make no mistake about it,the ptb love the ones they entrusted to keep it all crooked,that way they can install anyone they want,and they have been at this since this countries inception

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