Comment: I set one up but...

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I set one up but...

for some reason I quit writing on it. To be honest, I believe the reason was because I thought I would get more views on the DP. I just want to reach people. I don't care much about notoriety or the money; however, other people would like me to make more money.

I'm skilled nonetheless. I'm excellent at mathematics and science. I can build roads. I can frame houses. I can grow crops. I can take care of livestock. I'm a master baiter... etc.

Mostly, I've removed my participation with society. Right now, I only work for liberty. I hit up Lew Rockwell earlier today. Maybe he'll exchange a wage for my services. Maybe not.

I live from day to day and pursue happiness. Rat races are not my style. I'd win - in my estimation - but I just don't care for them.