Comment: So are you the one who downvoted me without explanation?

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So are you the one who downvoted me without explanation?

I will always believe it cowardly to downvote without saying why. Your opinion obviously differs. An upvote needs no explaining - if you agree there's no need to expound and just up-vote, unless of course, you wish to expound or praise the comment, but a downvote means disagreement and should be expounded on. What I wrote wasn't a criticism of the content, just pointing out that the content existed already. Yet you take umbrage with that, downvote me ???, and don't say why it annoyed you?
And I read your other comments - sneering and jeering and behavior unbecoming of a decent human being. Like your cursing at me and mild threat for no reason I can detect - except your erroneous assumption that I am the author of the other post I mentioned. Civil discourse does not seem to be your forte.
So yes, if you are one of the people who downvoted me sans explanation - you are a coward and I am saying it to your face.
Happy now? And are you going to hunt me down now and beat me up or just spew more profanity? Maybe you'd like to drone me?
Oh, and I'm downvoting you for your use of profanity. Civil discourse is needed now more than ever in these troubling times.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison