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Comment: The disappearing nose seems like a red herring...

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The disappearing nose seems like a red herring...

When I watched this video from start to finish, constantly looking for any digital problems, I couldn't get past the fake responses from the lady being interviewed.

Two weeks ago my uncle passed away in a freak farm accident. This lady is not acting like someone who just lost her little boy. There's just no way.

Most of us believe that our media and news is blatantly manipulated (it is), but if we believe that, we have to understand that things don't always go as planned. This interview came off so bad on this "mother", that the waters had to be muddied. Enter the disappearing nose to distract people from the real problem...the seemingly unnatural responses from this mother who just lost her little boy. The natural response would be to talk about the boy and the good times they shared.

Does anyone know the date of this interview? Was it on the same day as the little boy's funeral?

I'm not really into this whole Sandy Hook shooting because I haven't done enough research. I'm just fairly confident we're being lied to about something, and the event is being used to push an agenda.

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