Comment: I am in agreement with R-Hal

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I am in agreement with R-Hal

I have been raising as much of our food as I could for the last 20 years. Still nowhere near perfection. I am on 4 acres, and we own an additional 30 in another area. I have gardens, orchards, chickens, and ducks currently. Recently lost a whole herd of goats to one bad neighborhood dog. While we were away celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary, the dog chewed all the ears off of my goats, which subsequently died of shock and bloodloss. Speaking from a lot of experience, it would be VERY hard to survive on only a quarter of an acre. You could raise chickens, and rabbits, possibly, and feed them. A goat would be harder, but could be done if you bought feed. Raising enough hay for a goat on a quarter acre, and raising food for yourself would be very difficult. Surviving on what you can grow is a lot easier in your mind, than it is in real life. There are crop failures, predators, and climatic forces, which have to be dealt with. Then there is just the simple logistics, of not only planting, but harvesting, and more importantly processing the products you grow. Animals have to be fed, and though it may look easy on a youtube video, it isn't!
Now you might be able to do it, if your community had some common gardens, and hay fields, and feed plots. However, even that requires a lot of commitment, and a whole lot of cooperation! Also that system requires some fair method of dividing the proceeds from such areas.