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Bear, I imagine that donations would be easier if...

...a business plan and budget were published.

I know from my own painful experience that people have been conditioned to believe that anything on the web should be "free" (to them---no matter how much it costs someone to make it available). But regardless, good luck getting donors if they don't know what they're paying for. Does the site need $100 a year or $100 an hour? And what EXACTLY does it need the funds for? And what about all these ads? How much are they generating? Etc.

Those are the sorts of things I think you'll find people wondering about.

A site like this could be hosted as-is for very little money. The code is already written. The traffic is not huge. If it's just a volunteer-run discussion forum (like practically every forum on the web), there's no paid staff. You could even host it at Rackspace and spend under $2,000 a year.

So I'm not seeing a compelling case for needing an infusion of cash. If $2,000 is too much to come up with, just start over with a free moderated forum on Delphi forums. The architecture there is still the best on the web. Meanwhile, this site can be archived (new comments closed) and saved for $85 a year on BlueHost or similar so that no content is lost.

Am I missing something?