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Point taken

However, you assume that he innately had the perspective that you and I have but at some point rejected that perspective. Maybe he did but I think it more likely that he was just a product of our culture, our society, our government. I do not presume that he ever even thought to question the state narrative at all. Brainwashing is real. And powerful. Think of all the chicken hawk republican neocons you know. Do you think they are capable of being truly introspective about what we do overseas? How much less so this man who was groomed from early adulthood in the most rigorous of martial programs to be a state tool. A very capable and fearsome tool. But a tool nonetheless.

A few short years ago I would have been more inclined to be of Mr. Kyles perspective. So I am not unable to sympathize with his lost condition. But this is Ron Paul's legacy. He is a truth teller. He is an educator. He is a deprogrammer. Telling the truth is powerful also. Truth telling, coupled with a life of integrity, will get people's attention. He got mine. He woke me up.

I don't assume that Mr. Kyle was ever fortunate enough to benefit from any of the truth that Dr. Paul was dispensing. That is why it is incumbent on us, if we care about these things, to try to reach as many as we can. Otherwise we as a nation will continue to be defined by men the likes of Chris Kyle.