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Pump the fkn brakes...

Seriously. Smoke some weed. Take a pill that is prescribed.. what ever it takes... chill the fuck out.

I only linked to the same subject we are discussing. No need to SHOUT to GET YOUR POINT ACROSS.

Nobody said Paul wouldnt pay a reasonable fee.. asking 800,000 for it out the gate might not put you on the best negotiating terms. Ever watched 'Shark Tank'? The biggest reason they bail is because they cannot profit high enough from the risk taken.

If Ron Paul is the 'brand'.. what is it actually worth to the people that hold its name? If I were Ron I would spend $100,000 destroying the image and name of those who hold my name in eternal hijack. Regardless of what anyone 'thinks' the domain is worth, it is not generating ANY money right now. Are the owners going to simply hold onto it out of spite?

So I do agree with your summation. I disagree on its value. $800,000 or 250,000 is absolutely a retarded asking price is you are truly a supporter. What are you going to do.. Sell if to fkn Karl Rove...?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul