Comment: It's Complicated

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It's Complicated

like everything else the rats that rule do. They make it next to impossible to rebel. Companies are required to withhold on you. If they don't THEY get in deep trouble. If you don't want to have your income tax and SS withheld you don't get the job. The government has turned the companies into the "tax police" and if you don't file your freaking returns they garnish your wages or put a lien on your house. Then they send hired goons to kick you out or haul you off to jail. Okay if you are in jail you are making a statement (case in point, Peter Schiff's dad) but it doesn't really serve a purpose because the general public doesn't even know or care. Life goes on in Washington without a hitch. There has to be a paradigm shift in order to change things and it is happening thanks to the net. The best bet is to WAKE PEOPLE UP! This gun thing may be the catalyst that does just that!