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Many factors at work here

It depends on how much the reporter was haggling the old man, and how concise the old man was in stating that he wanted to be left alone. If the reporter continued to follow the old man, going so far as to attempt to enter his property, this could be considered aggravated harassment, public intimidation, elder abuse, trespassing, and possibly forcible entry.

However, the old man had grabbed the reporter and made a threat to punch him prior to the potential property rights violation. It is unclear whether or not this was early in the initial questioning, or immediately following it. If it was immediately following initial questioning in a public space, the old man made a threat of assault, verbally, which could be considered intent to commit the act later on.

Now here is another caveat: Was the reporter attempting to enter the man's closed, private property, or opened store front. If the store was opened for business at the time that the reporter attempted to enter, jurisprudence of the 14th amendment strictly prohibits the old man from preventing the entry of this individual on certain grounds. The old man would have to come up with some reason like the presence of news reporters inside his establishment would interrupt his regular flow of business.

However, most likely the old man felt intimidated. This will go to court for sure. The reporter will likely be fired for haggling an old man, and the old man will likely plea down to a fine instead of a petty misdemeanor.

However, depending on the local laws, the old man could always claim he was under duress, that the event caused him emotional distress, and so forth, thus exoneration of the old man. Both individuals seemed to have acted like morons when you really look at it, but it also appears to be edited out of context by the newspaper who published it on YouTube. The full tape will likely be requested by the police, if it is investigated. If both are smart, they will just call it even. :P