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Very Liberal

And good for you to stand up. Most democrats have been against this practice, at least before they turned neolib, or whatever you want to call it. The thing is, traditional liberals, libertarians, and non-social conservatives now have a lot in common. Here is the thing. As Ron Paul has often pointed out, government has become bigger and bigger, and now we are roaming around the world, quite imperialist (which our enemies love to point out), and dictating a policy that has freedom all over it, but often is for other means.

What do I mean by this? The United States of America is losing its status as a democratic republic, and turning into an empire. We don't exactly have an emperor yet, but we have an executive that is closer and closer to becoming one every 4 years. Our troops are all over the world, fighting the roving hoards of barbarians and savages, just like the Romans did, just like the British did, etc. The US claim that it does not seek the acquisition of land when "liberating" nations no longer works after the fall of the Soviet Union. It worked well after and during WW2, but the goal now seems to be to secure unofficial alliances, control, and a puppet government in the areas that we control. These nations are usually bankrupted and re-empowered by IMF SDR loans backed by the US and NATO as well as direct foreign aid packages to keep the leaders in line.

The goal of a democratic Middle East is a dream... it would be like asking all of Europe during the Crusades to adopt U.S. style colonial governance and non-interventionist doctrines. Their religion and societal development has been stagnated, largely by the west, in what is an irony of sorts. Under the Ottoman Empire, the French had demanded so many concessions from them, that they had their own post offices throughout the Ottoman Empire. The rich cultural heritage of the Ottomans has since been largely lost, alcohol is now illegal, trade has declined outside of oil, and most people just consider Ottomans to be reclining chairs. Let's be honest here.

Now, when we look at what the US is doing now, it is mostly because 1972-73 gold crisis, the 1912 and 1913 draconian laws, WW2, and the Civil War. This completely screwed up the US as it was intended to be by the founders. However, the battle can trace itself before that if you look at tyrant presidents like Polk. Grant lamented that he felt disgraced he was forced to invade Mexico; essentially a nation with no army. After the death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, a lot went to hell... there was one man who saved the union, often an unsung hero. Winfield Scott served under Jefferson and Lincoln, and did save the union. One can argue it was the south's failure to go with the 13th amendment that forced the 14th.. the impeachment of Andrew Jackson was largely over his belief the 14th amendment was unconstitutional. The implications of the US Civil War and the gilded age that followed led to a collision course in WW2 that would leave the world completely changed, and much for the worse. You can blame Hitler, or you can blame Roosevelt... you can blame them all. But the wars of the 20th century are what completely destroyed the US as a republic and this has become increasingly clear.

The constant reiteration of freedom as a slogan has been used to justify all sorts of illegal incursions and invasions of sovereign countries around the world. Do the leaders of the US really believe in this crap when they say it during every speech? Sure, Bush was the worst. Watch Ron Paul's speech at Mises where he talks about how a neocon Congressman realized even the president had lied to him about Iraq... the corruption has gone all the way to the top since the JFK assassination.

There is a third party involved here, and it is increasingly obvious. No, it is not "the Jews", or something. There is a third party that seems to put a pedigree on presidential candidates years before they run for office. There is a third interest group, and its not the media, per se. It is more like a conglomeration of international corporations that got that way as a consequence of globalization following WW2. They are in constant communication with each other and they are colluding. Look at the LIBOR scandal to see how there was international interest rate price fixing. That is just the tip of some iceburg, but what those guys did was 10,000x worse than Enron. They basically changed the value of goods and commodities for tens of trillions of dollars worth of financial transactions.

We are approaching a time where the fusion of government and multinational corporate interests is destroying the U.S internally. Some say this is because we hold the world reserve currency now. Too much is for sale. Either way, going to a ballot box once every 2-4 years will never mean you are free. Remember that. Freedom and liberty require daily vigilance and discipline. Community participation. This is something that this nation has been primed to avoid, at its own peril and disgrace.

True, there is an external threat. But the U.S. will never be destroyed from an outside force. If we are to go down, we will do it ourselves. And even our enemies know this to be true.

As far as G.W. Bush, it is quite certain, that the events of September 11, 2001 could have been very likely avoided had he not won election. He was not qualified for this office and he had too many Vietnam architects in his cabinet. He assembled a war cabinet before there was a war. That's not blind luck. That's called policy shift.