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The reporter was entering

a place of business, not a home. And he did not walk in, he attempted to. As you can see, his feet did not make it past the threshold of the door.

You wouldn't make for a very good lawyer. You can't just punch people in the face when you feel irritated. Well, you can, but not without consequence.

Private property most certainly has its laws in the US. However, the reporter did not enter the property and without a proper disclaimer or threat you can't just assault whomever you choose. From the appearance of the video, the man did not clearly state to the reporter that he did not wish him to be in his store or on his property. If the reporter was on public property at the time, he had a right to be there. If he was not, the older man should have explicitly indicated he did not want the reporter there. End of story. Violence was uncalled for in this incident.