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No one is denying

That if the old man had chosen not to let the reporter enter he had a right to do so. That being said, he made no attempt verbal or written (based on the current video) to deny access to the building to the reporter. It was an extremely fast action that he committed. I didn't even know what he was doing before he punched the reporter in the face.

And again, we have no facts on the property rights. Clearly in the beginning of the video they were either on a street or sidewalk; public property. The second part, we have no clue whether the parking lot was his or not, it appeared to me to be a strip center, which in that case would mean he only had property rights to his store, not the parking lot outside where the reporter was.

Bottom line, if the man did not want to speak with the reporter all he had to say was, "I have no comment. I'm about to enter my private business and I require that you don't enter with me when I do."

Period, end of story.