Comment: Mixed bag, probably no case unless injury

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Mixed bag, probably no case unless injury

The reporter did not sneak up on the old man as they approached the door; he was speaking clearly and loudly enough into his microphone. The old man's hearing seemed fine when they spoke earlier.

Did the reporter encroach on the man's business office? Maybe, since he entered without permission. But the old man gave no warning and did NOT close the door behind him, leaving it for the reporter to grab.

If they want to waste money on attorneys, so be it. There was misbehavior on both sides, so unless the reporter suffered real injury from the punch or his fall, I don't think either side has much of a case.

Then again, if the camera was rolling between their two confrontations, that could be revealing! Seems odd that the cameraman would stop filming in the middle of such a scene. If someone from the station posted it, I wonder if they edited out part of the footage to protect their reporter.