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He wasn't "obviously"

telling him to leave. From my inspection of the clip, he never made such a claim. And again, since it appeared that the reporter was on public property the entire time, it would have made no difference if the older gentlemen had told him to leave him alone or not.

Again, I repeat: Unless the owner of the private property distinctly shows that he does not want someone to be on his property via WRITTEN OR VERBAL representation then the reporter has absolutely every right to be there.

Let me pose a hypothetical to you. If I owned a business and in the past had a bad history with reporters, I'd be well within my rights to restrict access to my business from those reporters. But how would they know? I can't just magically expect people to understand that. So, the logical next step would be to put a sign out that read "No reporters and/or media allowed." Short, plain, sweet, and to the point. No harm, no foul.

If this was the old man's personal home, we'd be having an entirely different conversation, but this was his place of business.