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Uhm, the footage is obviously

Uhm, the footage is obviously from the reporter, yeah? Do you deny that? OK, so say there is no other footage. OK, let's assume this is not just edited but that is all the video we have. Now, let's assume it's you. And someone is accusing you of raping little girls. You want to go into your house, or your place of business, would you let them in? Do they have a right to go in? Do they have a right to hold the door open and try to go in if you don't want to talk to them? The answers are No, No, No.......

Everyone in this country has the same rights. He had every right to prevent that prick from entering his private property. He made it clear he was not welcome and the guy tried to push his way in.... in return he got his jaw jacked.... Now, where is the problem with the first amendment there? Are you saying the first amendment protects the media so much that a person cannot be secure in his own private property? Can the media go anywhere they wish?