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Yeah Chris

Good post brother. I wholeheartedly agree, and in my work with teens and adults with substance misuse problems I usually get to a point where we've laid out their upbringing and brought to light how their current interpersonal relationships are screwy, whereby their perception of themselves is shit and then I jump in and say, "Given all that we know about what happened to you growing up, I'd say your perfectly normal..." With the added caveat that, "let's see how, how you're acting today lines up with who you REALLY are, and the ideas for how YOU want to live YOUR life".

I'm a vet too, and when I came back the first time I heard a car bumping it's system and got frikken rigid stiff and on alert and the guy driving us back from the airport was like, "that's the stereo..." and it got really tense.

War sucks, especially when you're there to get money and pay for college and even though you're not pointing any barrels or pressing any buttons, you know deep down, you've contributed to the deaths/imprisonment/torture/etc. of 100,000's of individuals who likely deserved none of this.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.