Comment: false dichotomy

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false dichotomy

"Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent."

two other options:

1. If there is a greater good for allowing evil, then God is not malevolent. The possibility of evil is a necessary consequence of freedom. And yet, the value of that freedom outweighs the cost of the possible consequences, at least that's what I hear with regard to the liberty message I see on this site.

2. The bible teaches that there is no good person, that there is none who seeks God, and that we are all sinners, etc. (see Romans 3). If we all deserve Hell because of our rebellion against God, then any evil that happens to us which is less severe than the Hell we deserve is actually a moment of mercy in which we do not get the full punishment due. If we deserve worse than the evil we experience in this temporary life, then how could God be considered malevolent for showing mercy to those who deserve more evil than they get?