Comment: I would have said to my son

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I would have said to my son

I would have said to my son "If you were the older man who had asked to be left alone, yet these strangers with a camera kept insisting on invading your privacy before handling your property which could be seen as a threatening act, what would you have done?

Yes, he never told the reporter that he couldn't come in. But I don't tell people they can't enter my home when I'm walking inside. People just know not to attempt to enter. Also, people have the decency to know that when I make it known to them they are annoying me and I do not wish to speak to them whilst looking physically agitated, they should leave me alone. When you let the press trample all over you, press freedom prevails in the ugliest of circumstances. But if you tell them directly "I have no desire to speak with you and wish to be left alone", that freedom turns into harassment. The consequences of harassment should not be a surprise.