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I don't see

I don't know all the background of this situation, but I'm not inclined to defend the sucker-punching of someone. The old man didn't punch the reporter because he felt physically threatened, nor did he punch him because he felt his property was "under assault" by an outside threat... he punched the reporter because he was agitated by the questioning. We all get agitated from time to time, and violence is an easy cop-out way of dealing with the agitation.

Punching a harmless person in the face is neanderthal behavior, plain and simple. If the old man was bothered by the reporter, he should have went inside, called the police, and had the reporter escorted away, if simply asking him to leave didn't work. This wasn't an act of defense, it was an act of stress-relief, and thus, it's ridiculous. As someone else mentioned, if Ben Swann was doing an investigative piece and received the same treatment, or any RP 2012 supporters received similar treatment by authorities or GOP folks, we'd be outraged, and for good reasoning. You don't practice physical violence unless you are defending yourself, your family/friends, or someone/something else in need... Period.