Comment: It only failed (for you) if you have quit

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It only failed (for you) if you have quit

This isn't a race. It doesn't have to succeed at a particular moment or it has failed. This is an on-going struggle that will last as long as humanity.

The number one reason the liberty movement has not had a bigger influence is because the vast majority of people do not understand it and are, infact, hostile to it.

There is no 'failing' on the part of Dr. Paul, or Truthers, or subversion by the press that is at the root of it. These are all symptoms of a deeper disease. If Ron Paul had won the Presidency by some fluke and the People were still antagonistic to liberty, then his Presidency would have 'failed' no matter what he tried to do.

It is curious that you would claim the "truthers" have made the liberty movement unattractive. Are they wrong? If they are wrong, then by all means denounce them. But if they are not wrong...if they raise important questions...then it will be far more important to embrace them than attack them. History, and the liberty movement, will depend on always speaking the truth.

The Media feeds people what they want to hear. As long as the media is funded by advertising, they will be forever trying to find an audience. Right now there is only a small audience for the liberty message. The media is more of a mirror than a megaphone.