Comment: "Quit pretending you cant do anything and do what what we did"

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"Quit pretending you cant do anything and do what what we did"

Very insulting "PRETENDING", I PRETEND I CANT DO NOTHING AND DO WHAT WE DID? First what makes you think that the stratigy of enlightened disengagment that I choose is PRETENDING TO DO NOTING. This is just simply a fact that you either do not understand or dont want to understand. You keep up your work. I have decided that your work inside the GOP is fruitless. Doing the same thing and failing over and over is about the best form of stupidity i can think of.

I really want to insult you but I can see we are both working on the same issue from different angles. Of course your angle is fruitless and my stratigy will lead humanity to freedom but none the same a man is welcome to be as dumb as he wishes. But when a man with fruitless acton starts calling those with sucessful actions a pretender and infering that if he isnt doing the same fruitless activity you choose, he isnt doing anything,is just wrong.

So ill take the high ground and wish you luck in your fruitless venture as I continue to move off grid and become independent of the debt slavery monatary system. No problem. Again good luck.

Ps try to be less insulting and perhaps I can respond in kind. BTW I continue to be active in the GOP and I live in RP district so if you came to this position because of ROn Paul you best thank me for decades of my efforts keeping Ron Paul as my congressman in a deep south democrat area. I was a delegate for county and state for the last two RP runs. I was a life long GOP. So again talk to the hand and CHECK YOURSELF.