Comment: same as every other movement

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same as every other movement

it's been co-opted and genuine leaders replaced with watered down versions. Look at the black panthers. The original were a radical group that the state destroyed and replaced with a new black panthers that are a sham designed to misdirect people into thinking they are taking real action when all they are doing is posturing and providing intelligence for the state.

There's still plenty of real black leaders but they aren't in congress/senate seats they are marginalized.

On a somewhat related note the older amongst us will remember when hip hop was a powerful political voice against the establishment (e.g. Public Enemy: Fight the Power etc) but that too was co-opted so that instead of fighting the power now hip hop artists fight each other. Any one interested should check out Professor Griff's many lectures/interviews on youtube or Larry Pinkney on the Alex Jones Show.

Larry Pinkney