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SarahE and 1440 minutes both

SarahE and 1440 minutes both claim professional credentials in this, so I have a question for them, and for everyone to consider.
Say you had a client that got fired, divorced, lost a loved one... and was depressed. Thanks to big money advertising by Pharma, they want a pill. You KNOW it is situational depression, but they want the pill. Would you discourage them? Would you discuss the possible side effect of suicidality? I'll give you benefit of the doubt and say you do, but the patient insists they want the pill, so you prescribe it. A while later, they say they are feeling suicidal. As in, battling it every moment of every day, feeling desperate, not sure they can survive it, they need help NOW.
What antidote can you give them?
What help can you give them?
Would you even try, or would you just add a new diagnosis code, "the better to bill you with, my dear."
I believe the people who go into mental health care are really good people who fall into Pharma's greedy clutches.
You prescribe pills that say RIGHT ON THE LABEL that they can make people suicidal, and if you take the time to read the insert you will find they can cause psychosis. FIRST DO NO HARM. You risk ultimate harm, and pretend it is OK because it is only a small percentage. They aren't very vocal complainers after they are dead, either. Then you wipe the blood off y our hands with a "they were mentally ill anyway" show of sociopathic lack of remorse.
I could not figure out why your replies - both of you with "Chill" - made me so angry, so I meditated on it. It is because I often wonder... How many people like me are out there? How many battled suicidal thoughts and won? Or are the rest of them ALL DEAD, and if they are, I need to scream loud enough for all of them.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.