Comment: I do not speak ill of the Dead

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I do not speak ill of the Dead

If there is an after life judgement he faced or is facing it now.

That said I Upticked this article. He was a mercinary not fighting a war for this country. Unconstitutional undeclared brought on by government PROVEN lies.

He had a oath and he violated it so he was not wearing the american flag. Even if he was Snipers are not honorable they hide and back shoot. In the old west they would have been hanged. Bounty hunters used sniper tactics and were distained by the public.

The real question to me is: Was that a government hit on him? Did the killer have a new truck or a large amount of new money?

I have read accounts of the killer from other soldiers who new him. First they say PTSD is a joke this guy was never into any PTSD stuff, he was a Machanic who stayed in the motor pool.

Another account he was a happy joking jovial person.

So the sniper was into promoting classes to arm schools.

The controlers of the gov get a double bang, vilvify Vetrans, Open fire on all PTSD, and of course make guns the villan and grab all the guns so they can genocide the nation.

Rothschild mafia we are on to you and your days are numbered.