Comment: You all should be using Stevia

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You all should be using Stevia

You should try to replace sugar with stevia in just about any recipe.

Stevia is amazing. It comes from a flower, is 100x sweeter than sugar and contains no sucrose meaning it isn't bad for your teeth and doesn't create plaque like sugar does. Plus, almost everyone in this country eats WAY too much sugar and Stevia is a good way to help balance that.

Stevia was commercialized in 1970 by a Japanese company. As it started to catch on over the next couple decades and imports began to rise, it was made illegal by our benevolent government after "an anonymous industry complaint" in 1991 (
God forbid someone compete with the powerful sugar lobby and the likes of coke and pepsi.

Here are some things I use it for:
- add a couple drops to your coffee.
- add several drops to some to fresh squeezed lemon juice and water to make a delicious and super healthy lemonade.
- Works great with naturally sweet baked goods like apple pie, banana bread, etc.

You can get the liquid stevia extract at whole foods or similar if they dont carry it at your local supermarket. The powder stevia seems to be more common, but contains filler, and in the case of truvia and purevia it is absolute garbage ( I recommend 'stevia in the raw' for a powdered version.

To this day pure stevia cannot be sold as a sweetener in the U.S. where more than 1 in 8 will get diabetes. In other countries, it is widely used and even as a TREATMENT for diabetes. You will however find it sold as a 'dietary suppliment'. They just arent allowed to call it a sweetner in its pure form from what I understand.

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