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Just demand your freedom in a local setting, and work hard and maybe prove them wrong.

Or, just give them the facts, educate them about the Fed.

But, at the end of the day, these people are indoctrinated. They have been emotionally played by the system. You'd have better luck convincing a die-hard believer to be an atheist. This is because people think their state-sponsored beliefs are based in fact. And they have been emotionally programmed.

A calm, considerate, intellectual unraveling of their beliefs will provoke a disproportionate emotional response on their part. That's how the programming works. Media, marketing, they study how to exploit those deep areas of the mind. This is real. After the person is emotionally drained, they feel lost and also powerless. They won't care if you're right, they're done with you, you intimidate them and your presence is hurtful to them.

So, just fight for YOUR freedom. Move somewhere with likeminded people, become self-sufficient, get involved in local politics where your voice will make more of a difference.