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Comment: You waste our time

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You waste our time

You are wrong.

There's your argument right there, nothing else. Nothing to back it up with, no details, just you saying that I am wrong.

I have said nothing that is un-factual and have denied nothing that is established fact, otherwise you could point it out and answer my questions.

A corporation is a made up entity, it CANNOT operate by itself. PEOPLE have to make decisions for the corporation. Not sure what you don't get about that. I would ask again what "special rights" a corporation has in a free market, or what advantage a corp has over other business entities in a free market, but you don't answer my questions anyway. So quit wasting our time please, if you can refute what I've stated then do so. If your argument is as it has been, simply: You are wrong, then go about your business and quit wasting our time.