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You are completely misreading me

"unless they suffer for the rest of their lives there is something wrong with them."

NO!!! I believe that they can be healed, I am living proof. Am I the same person for what I have been through? Hell no. Are you the same person you were ten years ago? Please don't reply just yet - leave me room to edit this. I want to go find a clip for you then finish this thought.

OK, got it:

Please listen to the first 1:25. The whole video is excellent, but that is the pertinent part. PTSD is a transformative experience, like a near death experience. I fought for years to find HEALING, and the process has made me a better person in many ways. I am still a messed up human, there is no cure for that. But there is a cure for trauma, and there is a cure for stress, but no effort is made to treat this as a NORMAL reaction, and no hope is offered to the sufferer of HEALING. Let me put the shoe on the other foot, if I am "abnormal" for reacting the way I did, why do SO many people suffer PTSD?
The current paradigm is to "treat symptoms" and get patients to accept their "disability." (Indeed, my insistence on seeking a cure when they told me there was no cure was often cited as proof of my intractable insanity.) But they have known how to cure this for a long, long time.
That was took a lot of time, and a little love. That has been replaced by a model that is MUCH more profitable. And makes the patients kill themselves and others. Just a little side effect, why should anyone mind if only a few mentally ill people kill themselves. If they take others out with them, we will just enact gun laws, that will fix it.
Transformation - it is the "silver lining" that great suffering offers. The modern model enables endless suffering and denies that transformation is even possible. I was lucky enough to find wise people who knew which plants could aid the transformation I needed, as I was hopelessly stuck in helplessness, and my "therapists" insisted I be. My Creator took mercy on me, and sent me the medicine to cure what the doctors caused and refuse, to this day, to take responsibility for. They are still passing out suicide pills and denying their responsibility when another person succumbs, going to the vile extreme of blaming their victims.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.