Comment: My school district can beat that easily

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My school district can beat that easily

My daughter came home with an assignment requiring her to re-write a fairytale from a communist point of view. It was mandated that they must portray communism in a positive light.

After completely going off on the teacher, I was then contacted by the prinicpal of the school - who I then completely went off on as well. It got real funny when I mentioned I had served in the Marine Corp and I would be damned if my daughter was going to be forced to write this crap that went against everything we stood for. That really took the "I am an academic elitist who knows sooo much more than you do" wind out of his sails. He gave his pre-scripted bullshit line about how they probably should have used different words or done this or that - but in the end - he refused to make other parents aware of the concern - what a piece of shit. He did excuse her from the assignment though.

And this is a classic all American small town in CT. I can only imagine the shit going on in the inner cities.

I should have kept pushing the issue - but when you have a 15yo daughter in High School - they tend to get mortified by things like that.