Comment: Sure thats going to and is happening

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Sure thats going to and is happening

At first some several years ago when I saw this comming I first thought to go to a safer freer place. I see tax as a bell weather to freedom. Tax is the control mechanism of the debt slave system. So I used the internet to find that there is no place that is not in the matrix on this planet. So my next option was to go to the wilderness in a remote cold climate, Alaska. So I used the internet found a person that would be my informal sponsor and flew out to alaska got on a puddle jumper airplane to a more remote area then rented a 4 wh dr vehicle and drove out to my new internet freinds home to recon the idea and the location.

Well I was suprised to find that per person the GOV Storm troopers was like 1 uniform to every few people. Why? Well who did I find there a bunch of like minded people that had the same idea I have, to escape.

Then since there are no jobs except survival and government jobs, a large number go get jobs as forest rangers state troopers etc.. So I ask myself if I were the ones herding people, gov. the main problem would be those that try to break away not those that are going along with the system.

So I think thats pretty accurate. BUt Off grid can be done or started anywhere including inside of Cities. Kind of like V for vendetta. Gorilla gardens, green houses, distilled water, solor panels rainwater catch basins walking or riding a bycicle just so many things each of us can do to disengage any support or following in a way that does not cause violence.

Off Grid solutions do include defence planning as well, no matter where you are off gridding at.
Escape is always the first best solution. For sure you will be initially attacked with overwhelming force against you. So if you have a good planned and exercised excape plan it allows immedaite survival which is better than all other alternatives.

Next need a plan of where you can go and how to survive a future on the run or in a resistance.

The one think a man can count on in life is death so that is nothing to be to concerned about. Having a long meaningful life or quality of life is my goal. So my hope is to leave a better future for the next generations to leave the world giving more than I took.

The act of enlightened disengagement, off gridd, is a weapon in a leaderless false debt slave revolt. Its not violent. Its not threatening. It does not break any of their corporat Uniform Commercial COde laws. Its a good healthy thing to do no matter the purpose.