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much courage does it take for an adult to beat up a kid with a wooden leg? That's about how lopsided the battle was. It' s easy to be courageous when you have stealth bombers, tomahawk missiles, Apache gun ships, and a host of other advanced weaponry backing you up.

TRUE courage is exhibited by people like SGT. Zak Carter
(DP member/friend), who went to Iraq as part of the "tip of the spear," but later came back and put their career at risk by publicly speaking out about what a sham the whole thing was. THAT'S true courage.

Sure, it takes determination, as well as immense physical and mental capability to "become an operative at that level," but it takes "courage" to speak truth to power and not just say "I was doing my duty" and these people were just "evil savages."

It takes true courage to examine one's own heart and PUBLICLY say, "you know what, I was over there and I realized these people were defending their country just like I would if it happened here."

Sorry, but this guy was a psychopath and the world is a better place without him. The last thing we needed was someone like him training our police.