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High Morals soon drop to the

Laws of the Jungle. I do not like violence dont think its the first best solution. I have but one life and I wont be turning cheeks to many times. So you have made dicissions and mine are not exactly the same. Good for us. If you want to be non violent and not get punched in the face, (unless you wish to force your nonviolent ways upon the other guy? Good luck doing that in a non violent way.) its prudent to not get up in his face asking questions that anger others and certianly after being told that your goina get punched in the face its best to not grab the door and try to go into his place. So yah meybe looked violent to you to me looked like somone got what they needed. Meybe the guy who punched him was a real skunk bad guy. Still when you ask for a fist sandwitch and one gets served up, time to take your medicine and learn a lesson.