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I would never have remained politically active if I joined the GOP instead of the LP, because it was equally hopeless in California.

Not only would I have been in a party supporting Bush, Bush, and Romney, but a party supporting, in California, people whose names we forget who oppose Boxer, Feinstein, and others at the state level "who don't stand a chance."

If you can remain motivated in the GOP or Democratic libertarian movements, by all means, do so. However, if the cost/benefit analysis goes the other way, and you can pledge not to try and initiate force against others, you'd be welcome in the LP.

There's plenty to do in the LP: We've been out front against the drug war since it started, and we're winning that battle (too bad so many have been killed in the meantime). We gave Ron Paul a national platform, national donor support, and a national mailing list in 1988 which still functions today (only bigger). We have a place for people to go when they are mugged by the statists (Gary Johnson was cheated of a fair contest by the GOP--what should he have done? Give up?)

The main thing is to keep fighting, wherever you think you can be the most use without burning out. This effort for freedom never ends.

What do you think?