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Velveeta - I disagree

There is nothing wrong with C Corps, S Corps, LLC's, LLP's, and sole proprioterships.

The Daily Paul is an S Corp because when I got sued, I was a sole proprietor, and I had none of the protections that a corporation can offer. When I got sued, I was on the hook for everything. So that is nice for me now that I have this protection.

However, the flip side of this is that the the company that sued me, Righthaven LLC, did things that no responsible individual would ever do. Righthaven LLC, protected by its "limited liability" status, sued people without grounds, committed fraud, caused lots of individuals - not just me, but the poor cat blogger who was running a little blog about cats. And not just her but a lot of other individuals without the government granted privileges, that I now pay the government to be afforded.

In the end, Steve Gibson, the jerk behind Righthaven, got off scott free because it wasn't him, it was the artificial person known as "Righthaven LLC" that was doing all that nasty stuff. And why not? THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES. Gibson just threw that shell away, crimes, unpaid bills and all and walks off scott free.

There is nothing wrong with business, but businesses must be held accountable. These government granted privileges are just part of the fascist society we live in. How do we know they're privileges? Because certain rules apply to you, as an individual, but different rules apply to these state-created, artificial persons known as corporations.

The biggest complainers about "corporations" obviously have no business experience.

Actually, I'm a huge complainer about corporations, and I own one. The fact of the matter is, you have to in order to compete in this world. But at the end of the day, government regulation, policy, and law all favor corporations - the big people - over the little man. And that is something I resent deeply.

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