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Thanks, youtuber! This is the first of your vids that I have watched (I think). I will watch more.

Ron Paul, with the tweet-heard-round-the-world not only put the War Pigs on notice, but us as well.

"Why'd you do that to us, Ron?" (paraphrase)

I cringed a bit as well... in hindsight, perhaps it's a nudge from the nest that all of us young birds of Liberty need. Ron Paul is nudging us to become Eagles, soaring above the cowering lovers of State below.

A bit of a stretch, to be certain... but I have found it to be in-roads toward folks that claim to be followers of Christ.

Think about it. Even the most ardent FauxNoose supporter will think again when pressed toward the fact that their love of War flies in the face of Jesus.

IMO, RP is brilliant!