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I'm going to check out some more

Just reading the FAQ overview my head was spinning with counter-arguements, but I did like much of their critique of modern market economy as it manifests itself right now.

I was disappointed that the essays in 28 parts or so were only finished up to nine.

I sent it to a progressive friend I spar with to get him thinking beyond social democracy. It might be more interesting conversation.

Without having this thought out, a lot of what they desire could be post market anarchism. It's wholly possible that more and more things would become free (or nearly so) in an abundance society. It's easy to imagine, like air, sunshine and swimming in the ocean today, that potable water, some foodstuffs, and may be some source of energy could become so plentiful that charging for them loses its utility or freeloader costs become negligible.

It's a little like debating episodes of Star Trek, but still enjoyable.

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