Comment: Why even call it Communism?

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Why even call it Communism?

It's almost never that. A few people willingly do get together and share everything and do alright, and that's living in a communal society. But communism as a form of government has always been fascism with a stupid smiley face.

"Communism" is just a way to invert reality. Take the people who produce, trade, generate wealth and move society away from poverty and starvation and put them on the bottom. Make the ability to manipulate people the standard for success and put them in control. It's the only hope those people have of ever being successful. If you can convince your people to sacrifice their own happiness and goals for the good of the state, congrats, you're China! If not, be brutal and mine as much wealth as you can until your country finishes eating itself.

And yes, we are much closer to communism than capitalism, and have been historically. Libertarianism is a much newer and innovative ideology than a lot of us would like to believe. The only cure is to embrace reality, embrace freedom, let each person do what is best for themselves and never bend to the temptation to control someone else's behavior "for their own good" or to promote "morality." Judge your fellow man not by the opinions he holds but his willingness to base them on reason and to listen and learn from others.

Best line: "A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information." Her mistakes aside, this was Ayn Rand's greatest discovery, that embracing your ego, your sense of "I", is the most important moral decision a human can make. And the corollary was unfortunately discovered long ago, that the way to control someone is to convince them that real morality is putting the "we" first.