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Comment: It is shocking to see how poor eduacted our folks are

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It is shocking to see how poor eduacted our folks are

regarding the basics of economics. Shocking and sad considering how much free information is available today. Unless people, like Ron Paul, chew details for you, you do not think on your own. You only parrot each other and thumb up or down with vigor.

Enterpreneurship is ALWAYS a speculation. Limited liability means you should take the corporation as it is (with legal promisses and assets) and do not hold the owners responsible for more than that. Meaning - lenders and stock holders cannot claim more than actual company assets and promissory notes in a liquidation process. Damages to people and violations of laws are not exempt from such an liability if you can pinpoint the perpertrator. If you hold all owners liable, then trade union pension funds stored in stocks would implicate millions for some faulty consumer product. In reality, corporations are punished by fines. Criminal cases result in both fines and prosecution of top executives.

All arguments can be addressed via courts. Government is needed to set universal rules. For example, at what height in the air your private property ownership ends. Licenses are bad, there should be only registration.