Comment: Yes.... and let me tell you a little about what that screening

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Yes.... and let me tell you a little about what that screening

will look like.
"Do your Mommy and Daddy talk a lot about God?"
"Do you Mommy and Daddy think it is OK to be gay?"
"Do your Mommy and Daddy have any guns?"
"Do your Mommy and Daddy have a lot of food stored away?"
"Do your Mommy and Daddy smoke marijuana?"
"Do your Mommy and Daddy support the troops?"

And if the child does not give the correct answers, the state will take them away. So, homeschooling parents, you have a new lesson to teach the kiddies: How and when to lie.
"Remember Billy, if a grown up ever takes you into a room and starts asking questions, it is a GAME, and here is how you play. They are pretending that you are a kidnap victim and your Mommy and Daddy are evil people trying to brainwash you. You're role is to pretend that you are just like the kids at school, or else they will want to make you go to that school so you will be just like the other kids. So, remember, tell your kids how to protect your family. Teach them to tell grown-ups that "Mommy and Daddy love the wars, hate God, and hope I grow up to be a healthy and psychologically normal gay person. May I go home now? It is time for my masturbation lesson" and everything will be fine.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.