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Comment: Corporations are used to sheild executives from liability

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Corporations are used to sheild executives from liability

Having said that, the world we live in today essentially requires you to beome incorporated if you want to be competitive since corporate tax codes (if you learn and understand them) allow tremedous tax benefits and like Mike mentioned they sheild you from losing your personal assets and income if you are sued or whatever.

I've incorporated a small business for myself and my wife in my prior life...when we used to actually earn income (lol) but we dissovled both about 5 years ago.

I'm currently researching what I believe to be the "secret" behind executives of banks and multi-national corps never going to jail. Most of the big banks get their corporate charters in Delaware. Delaware corporate charters are much different than other states. By reading the indimnity clauses in the by laws of JPM Chase for sure seems to me that they have used legal mumbo jumbo to litterally preclude them from ever having to serve time in jail. They can be charged and fined...but officers, directors, and quite a few others can never be criminally charged or sentenced to prison. That means any money they lose because they get caught committing fraud or in reality just another cost of doing business.

A couple of links that might be of interest to some of you. The first is the JPM Chase site where you can download their charter and by laws to read for yourself. Thats here: (its at the bottom of the page)

This next link points to the recent oonviction of BP for manslaughter in the deaths of the 11 men who died on the rig in the gulf. It talks about the obvious fact that when a corporation is found guilty of a crime that is punishable by do you put a corporation in prison? That link is here:

Topics like these convince me that not only are people waking up, we are not all kooks and conspiracy theorists. We are intelligent individuals who know how to educate ourselves and find the REAL answers to questions that have long eluded us.